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Meet Kate. She was scheduled to be euthanized at our local animal shelter. Her time was up and the small facility was over crowded. This is often the case. There is a high volume of animals coming through their doors, and although the shelter has a dedicated volunteer group who works tirelessly to help these animals, they are unable to get them all adopted or sent to rescue.  I adopted Kate hours before her life would have been extinguished. Every day I look at Kate and think how close she came, so very close. She is a wonderful girl, sweet and eager to please. I think of all the animals who, through no fault of their own, lose their lives every day. 

Who is Kate?

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Kate's Rescue wishes to help families big and small in every way we can. This tab will offer you everything from links to pet insurance companies that do not discriminate against breeds to options to help low income families afford vet care. We want to help you keep your furry family member, not rehome them for you.

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Kate's Rescue for Animals is a foster home based, no-kill rescue organization run by volunteers. Our mission is to bring our community together through education, spay and neuter programs, pet nutrition, behavioral training and breed awareness. We strengthen our community through advocacy, education, pet foster home placement, pet adoption,  and volunteerism.

Adoption Events: We are typically at Riverbank CA Petco every Saturday from 2PM- 7PM. For an idea of dogs that are going, or to be sure it is not canceled check out our Facebook.

Kate's Rescue for Animals 

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