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Kate's Rescue is a registered 501 (c) 3 our EIN is: 90-1004029

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​Work with members in your community and make a difference to save one animal at a time.


Kate's Rescue wishes to help families big and small in every way we can. This tab will offer you everything from links to pet insurance companies that do not discriminate against breeds to options to help low income families afford vet care, even ways you could help be prepared for your pets sake. 

Looking for a new furry family member? Whether you are looking for big or small, young or old we have a pet that will fit your needs. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to set you up with a furbaby that fits your needs/expectations. 

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Concerns? Complaints? Suggestions? Email us @ happydance@katesrescue.org

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Kate's FAQs

OPERATING HOURS: Please note we are 100% Volunteer based and may not be able to respond to you right away. We do our best to respond in a timely manner but sometimes are out in the field and not able to get to a computer until late. We operate from 8 am- 9pm Monday - Saturday. Saturday's are event days so responses may be slow depending on who is available to respond. Sunday's we take off for family time, meaning response may be very slow or not until Monday morning.

LOCATION/ CAN I MEET A DOG? : We have no physical location, we are 100% foster based meaning we have no place to come and meet the dogs without it being set up firstly. We require a completed and approved application to set up meet and greets outside of event dates, and may be limited to flexibility due once more to volunteer availability. Being foster based in order to arrange a meet and greet we have to have a rep able to pick up the animal, have the paperwork required, and meet the possible adopter. As well as have the fosters be able to meet to have their animals picked up. We do our best to work with everyone, but meet and greets usually take time to schedule, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause eager families.

CAN YOU TAKE MY DOG? : We are 100% foster based, meaning in order to take an animal we must secure a foster. Please when coming to us for help understand it may take a few days/weeks for us to secure someone to allow us to take the animal in question if we are able to find one. We are very rarely able to take animals on short notice unless a foster has an open space or is able to hold until another foster is found. 

CAN YOU HELP ME REHOME MY DOG?: We can, and often do make courtesy posts, being foster based we are limited to how many animals we can take. We wish we could take them all but we cannot, instead we help owners find placement for their animals by posting on our facebook and using our networking. All animals posted however must be fixed, or fixing is in the agreement of rehoming, and UTD on all vaccinations. The one rehoming the animal must have legal rights to do so, and may be asked to prove ownership before we will post. We request an adoption fee of some sort is asked to ensure the safety of the animal in its new placement. Owner is responsible for ensuring the animal goes to a safe place and upon request a rep of the rescue can aid in suggestions on how this can be done.The rescue takes no responsibility for the animal, owner, or adopters involved in third party rehoming.

ANIMAL BEING MISTREATED?: We are a rescue and have no legal rights to cease an animal from a private home or owner, if there is an animal in danger due to poor living conditions please contact your local animal control. If someone took your animal or is in possession of a stolen animal please contact your local police department. Sadly there is nothing we can do to help.

HELP I FOUND A DOG! : All strays must have a mandatory hold in the state of CA before being claimed by another, meaning we are unable to take found dogs and rehome them. We are a Rescue, not a Shelter. Strays require a foster for at least two weeks where the rescue tries to help find owners, we make no claims to the animals during this time. We can help post it or attempt to secure a foster for the stray hold period. If we cannot the one that found the animal is responsible for care and placement not the rescue. After the two weeks if a long term foster is found and we agree to back the animal we can attempt to adopt it out. At this point the rescue assumes responsibility for the animal.

HOW TO APPLY: If you are looking to adopt one of our doggies the adoption application can be found at the links above (click for the application you are looking for): PLEASE NOTE APPLICATIONS MUST BE DOWNLOADED AS WORD DOCUMENTS TO COMPUTERS OR PRINTED OUT. CANNOT BE FILLED OUT IN BROWSER.